Early Morning Coffee

Hi to all!

Update since my last post: We now have TWO babies.  Abigail is 2 and Emerson is 3 months.  Coffee shop is continuing to do great.

Oh and…farm/homestead living!!

We aren’t completely there yet, but the mentality is there.  I dream of being the wife/mom that wakes up early to feed the chickens and goats, home schools the kids, makes her own yogurt and bread, tends to the bees, cloth diapers the kids, grows a garden, cooks with cast iron, and walks around either barefoot or in muddied boots.

Our current living situation allows me to do a few of these things.  And I have been.  I have succeeded in making yogurt, bread, container gardening (unsuccessful, but tried), barefoot walking, cloth diapering, and waking up early.   The hardest thing (AND done the least) is waking up early.

With kids that already wake up at 7am, I justify 7am sufficient enough.  However, by waking up when the kiddos wake up, I have become a reactionary mother.  One who….reacts to situations, not takes control.  Yes, there is A LOT of reacting in parenting.  But that shouldn’t be all that you do, right?  It can’t be.  Otherwise, you will drown.  It’s like partaking in a day-long pillow fight without giving yourself a serene pep-talk first.

This morning, my youngest sweet baby girl woke up at 6a and wanted to be awake.  Like for the day.  She was so happy to see me.  At 6am.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t so jovial.  In fact, I was pretty pissed.  I said a few not-nice words in my head…and maybe out loud when i greeted my early-rising husband in the kitchen this morning.  I immediately caught myself and had a moment.  Like one of those moments.  The ones that make you realize that something needs to change.  In that moment, I realized that I let the amount of sleep determine the potential of the day.  And that i love my sleep a little too much.  And that I have tendencies to put sleep before other things that i find important.  Things like my relationship with Jesus.  And my sanity.  And time spent with my husband.  And exercising.  And cleaning (lol, kidding.  not important).

When you have 2 young children, sleep is elusive anyways.  So, my natural tendency to sleep when I can is very understood.  Oh, and when you have 2 littles, most other important adult things are elusive too.  But, this is an excellent opportunity to get good at prioritizing.  [In college, I thought I was good at prioritizing.  LOL]  Daily, I have the opportunity to choose between some me-time things.  For my current situation, I get a me-time slot before kids wake up at 7a, and after they go to bed at 7p.  After they go to bed, I am POOOOOOOPED, so doing anything that requires even the slightest mental capacity isn’t happening.  Morning time it is.

HOW, you ask,  did I find time to write this post?  Because my 3 month old woke up at 6, then went down for a nap at 7:15, AND my toddler is singing delightfully in her crib.  I will take this opportunity to reflect and post on my blog.  All while drinking some Rwandan coffee.

Happy Thursday!!!




The Culprits


Klayman update

Our coffee shop has officially been open for 4 months now.  And it’s been probably 5 months since I’ve written a blog post.  My apologies…life has been a little crazy lately.  I did want to write a short-ish post to give some updates for those of you left wondering.

“You guys are living the dream!! You are so lucky you get to do what you love!!”

This is a very common statement for us to hear.  And it is SO true.  We are living our dream.  The dream that began over 5 years ago for us.  The dream that seemed so far off and unattainable.  And we are absolutely so lucky we get to wake up and go to a coffee shop that we own, and drink espresso that we roasted.  This is truth.  HOWEVER, this dream came (and still comes) with a lot of sacrifice.  Since opening the shop…and being new parents, we have gotten significantly less sleep than we normally would.  “You are young, you can handle it.”  We are young, yes, but I feel we are aging much quicker than anticipated because of our lack of sleep.  This dream of ours has also cost us our savings account… which we fully expected.  Needless to say, we are living simply/cheaply for a long while.  This also means that buying a house anytime in our near future has been put into question.  Or replacing my car from high school that is falling apart at the seams.  But there are worse things.

So yes.  We ARE living our dream.  But what people don’t see is the sacrifice that it has cost us.

Wisdom words…get ready.

IT IS 100% WORTH IT.  Don’t let the potential sacrifice of a dream scare you away from living it.

“You are 4 months in.  How is the coffee shop doing?”

Really great.  Our location and setup is pretty phenomenal, and apparently it is exactly what Statesboro needed.  What’s crazy is, we had NO IDEA how popular it would become.  And we had no idea how to run a shop.  We had both worked in a coffee shop for a few years, but never managed/owned one.  So this is a huge learning curve for us.  And as we learn the norms and statistics of the coffee shop business in the US, we are finding that 3 Tree is doing exceptionally well.

What are the every day responsibilities that go into it?

Running this coffee business is both of our full time jobs.  We all in.  And we are SUPER blessed to have friends that believe in this business enough to be all in as well.  Kimberly and Quinn D.  are a super lovely couple that moved to Statesboro from the Athens area to be a part of 3Tree.  And they are now partial owners….woot!!  We all do different things every week.  Sometimes Phil takes on one of my roles if needed.  Sometimes I take one of Kims’ jobs one week, etc.  For the most part, the duties that are somewhat evenly divided between us for the coffee shop are:  barista-ing, employee training, book-keeping, employee scheduling,  kitchen managing, marketing, and inventory managing/ordering.  The tasks for our roasting business are:  roasting, inventory managing/ordering, wholesale account managing, internship managing,  event planning/coordinating, and farmers market managing.  I’m sure I have left out something.  I usually do when there are lists involved.

Owning a coffee shop is SO MUCH MORE than making coffee, interacting with customers, and drawing fun things in lattes.


Analyzing coffee shop sales.


“How’s the roasting business?”

It is going very well.  Thank you for asking.  Since we started roasting back in April 2014, our roasting business has been on the steady incline.  It has really picked up some steam since opening our shop in August.  Our roaster goes through    s  o      m  u  c  h     c  o  f  f  e  e    these days and we are struggling to keep our roasting warehouse stocked with raw and roasted coffee beans.  “That’s a good problem to have!”  Yes. But it is a problem indeed.  Have you ever been to a coffee shop/roaster that ran out of coffee?  We have almost reached that point numerous times.  Mainly because of underestimation of 3Tree popularity…and inventory slackage on my part. #oops. But never have we been completely out of coffee.  Thankfully.

“Wait, don’t you have a child too?  How’s that going?”

OMG.  Abigail turns ONE YEAR OLD in a few weeks.  ONE!!!IMG_4021.JPG


My sweet-tempered little blue-eyed ginger baby.  She is SO busy these days.  Not walking yet, but oh my, her crawl is suuuuper speedy.  It matches my running pace.  Her favorite spot in our house is on the rug in our bathroom.  She just likes to sit on it.  She also likes to sit in my dirt piles when I sweep.  Her favorite foods are bananas and eggs.  Her least favorite food is avocado.  She can say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ with the occasional ‘bye-bye’.  She also knows how to roar like a lion, moo like a cow, and meow like a cat.  She has 4 teeth and 2 on the way.  She loves to read books and explore on her own.  She really loves to give open-mouthed kisses on peoples faces.  And she loves to roast coffee with her mama!!

Until next time..



-The Klaymans



That’s right! You heard it! Three Tree Coffee Roasters is opening a coffee shop on South Main Street in Statesboro, Georgia.  Our scheduled opening date is mid-September.  You’ve probably been seeing lots of posts on our Facebook page about this exciting news, and our… CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN.

What is a crowdfunding campaign?  Let me explain.

Wikipedia says..

crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.  One financial expert describes it as “large groups of people combining their economic power to support an organization, company, or project they believe in.”

In a nutshell, we can accomplish more together than individually.  One person singing can only get so loud; a choir can be heard from a considerable distance.

The crowdfunding model is fueled by 3 types of parties:

1)  The project initiator   —   Three Tree Coffee Roasters

2)  Individuals or groups that support the idea   —   You!

3)  The platform or moderating party that brings the other 2 parties together   —   Indiegogo                   (Other types of platforms include:  Go Fund Me, Kick Starter, etc.)

There you have it.  So whenever people share our crowdfunding link on Facebook, whether you’ve been there already or not, CLICK ON IT (http://igg.me/at/3treecoffee).  It will take you to our crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.com…our platform to raise funds.  There, you will be able to see our progress, updates, and you could even give some money.  You will have to create an account on Indiegogo in order to contribute.  Do it.  It won’t take long.

Seriously, anything and everything helps.  If all of my Facebook friends were to give $5 each, we’d have $7,420.  If all of Phil’s Facebook friends were to give $5 each, we’d have $6,650 more.  That’s HUGE.  And yes, I do have more friends than Phil.



Mason Jar Cold Brew

Sugar Bear is 4 months old today!!!  Isn’t she adorbs?  She’s got those long legs like her daddy. (Don’t worry, cold brew is coming.  Keep reading.)


Big girl status has officially been reached!  In these 4 months, she has acquired TONS of drool (maybe teething), a beautiful squeaky voice, the cutest little cackle, very distinct bald spots on her head, the roundest little belly, and the rolliest extremities.

Look how much she’s changed!  And look at how awful I am at getting that white balance consistent in all 3 photos. #photographynoob









Fun fact:  Today, on Sugar Bear’s 4 month birthday, is exactly 4 days after our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Isn’t that just un4gettable?! Ok, I’ll stop.

As we are entering the end of May, we are entering into a season of hot.  South Georgia nasty, humid hot.  We have a dilemma that we mustn’t overlook: hot coffee on a hot day?  Some people can do it.  But for those of us who need cold caffeine in the morning, I have prepared for you a fun coffee recipe that is super easy…and COLD!!  Are you ready?

Basically, you are just soaking coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time.  This method is called Cold Brew.  Cold Brew coffee is sweeter, less acidic, and more caffeinated than coffee brewed with hot water.  If you have had our iced coffee at the Statesboro Farmers Market, this is how we prepare it.  Except in much larger quantities.

For a 16 ounce mason jar, you will need 1.5 ounces of ground coffee.  For a 32 ounce mason jar, you will need 3 ounces of ground coffee.  Don’t worry, I have a scale and did the measurements for you…. 1.5 ounces of dry coffee grounds is approximately 6 Tablespoons.  Decide how much coffee you want to drink.  Keep in mind, the coffee grounds soak up some water, so if you pour in 16 ounces of water, you may only get 14 ounces of coffee in the end.

Basically, you are going to soak coffee grounds in cold water for about 12 hours or so.  Then strain it.  Or you can buy a coffee sock!  Its exactly what it sounds like.  A sock that you pour coffee grounds.  Watch this video.  Warning: it might make you want to buy one.  We have a couple of coffee socks and they are pretty great.

For a Cold Brew Iced Coffee, you will need:

  • 16 ounce mason jarIMG_3875
  • 6 Tablespoons of ground coffee (ground for drip coffee pot)
  • Cold water
  • Fine Cloth

My favorite coffee to use when making cold brew is our single-origin Ecuador coffee.  Three Tree Coffee’s Ecuador is very smooth, light, and chocolatey.  Perfect for sunny days.  Sadly, we are about to run out of this coffee.  Fear not!  We are about to unveil our next coffee fit for fabulous cold brew.  Stay tuned!  Ok, so I used 6 Tbsp for a 16oz mason jar and it was pretty strong.  If you don’t need quite the kick in the pants, I would do 5 Tbsp.  One nice thing about cold brew is it lasts for at least a couple of days sealed in the fridge.  So if it is a little too strong for your coffee preference, pour some of your creation into another glass, add some water or milk, and store the rest of the cold brew for another day.  Zero waste.  However, if you happen to make it too weak for your preferences, the fix may take a little more effort to get it up to par.  So 5-6 Tablespoons of ground coffee in a 16 ounce mason jar.  Pour cold water over the coffee grounds up to the brim then seal it.  Let it sleep in the fridge before you go to sleep in your bed.













After it has been in the refrigerator for a solid 12 hours, its time to strain the coffee grounds.  Place the center of a fine cloth in an empty glass or jar.  Push it down into the jar, leaving the edges hanging out.  Pour the cold brewed coffee into the empty jar with the cloth so that when you take the cloth out, viola! Delicious cold coffee!!  Don’t forget the ice cubes!






“Is that for me??”




Now on to the laundry!









Isn’t that super easy?!  Being a home barista isn’t that far from reality.  Try it and let me know what you think!  Stay posted for more reeeeeeeaaaally exciting things to come soon!!


Has it really been 1 year?!

It’s April!!  Three Tree Coffee Roasters has been up and running for a whole year now!  It seems like our doors have been open for way longer than that.  And at the same time, it feels like just yesterday.  We have come so much further than we ever imagined in a years time.  Since April of 2014, we have….. completed a very successful season of the Statesboro Farmers Market (and are about to begin again in a few days).  We have great friends, family, and interns who have invested tons of time into our business.  We have established multiple wholesale accounts.  Our coffee is in numerous cities in the US.  We have even shipped our coffee to Europe (and won a friendly competition).  We have had to upgrade our roasting machine TWICE to match our increasing level of demand.  We have explored coffees from 8 different countries.  And we have created delicious espresso.  Crazy, huh.

Here are some pictures of our beginnings:

The start of our custom built cupping table!

The beginnings of our custom built cupping table!


Our first roaster. The Huky 500.

Picking up our Victory roaster.

Picking up our Victory roaster.

Installing our Ambex roaster.

Installing our Ambex roaster.

Our first cupping was in our living room.

Our first cupping in our living room.

Our first campus market

Our first GSU campus market.

April also marks the beginning of busy season for Three Tree.  What are we adding to our normal routine that could make us so much more busy?  Two words.  Farmers Markets.  Doesn’t sound like much, but farmers markets alone could keep us occupied.  Good thing we have super-human helpers under our wings!

Oh yea!  I forgot to mention.  Three Tree is officially catering weddings!!!  Let those bells ring!!  (More on that coming soon).  If you know of anyone interested, let us know!

Lucky Number Seven


Today, Sugar Bear is 7 weeks old!  Woohooo!!  Happy Bday!!!  And in those 7 weeks, she has grown so much… as in she gained 5 pounds.  5 pounds.  To put it in perspective a little bit, the average 4 month old weighs about 13 pounds.  And that’s where my 7 week old is.  The doc said she was in the 85th percentile for weight gain at her age.  Sugar Bear is a CHUNK!

In these past 7 weeks, I have also changed significantly as well.  Some physical changes.  Mostly mental.  Here’s a quick rundown:

At the hospital:  Obviously this was the worst part physically.  Let the healing begin!  Mentally, it wasn’t so bad.  I had people bring me things as I wished.  I was constantly loaded with orange juice and social interaction.  I even had a little call button on my bed for my midnight snack desires.  The best part?  Sugar Bear slept almost 24 hours for a couple of days.  Apparently that’s normal for newborns.  Entering into a new world is hard work, and they need their rest!  It was fabulous.

Weeks 1 & 2:  Hell weeks.  No one tells you how intense those first couple of weeks are.  Day 1 of being home, I forgot to take my pain meds.  That was fun.  I guess I was just so used to the nurses popping pills in my mouth at the hospital, that I forgot to take them on my own.  Oh and I was clinically insane for a while too.  The lethal combination of my old pregnancy hormones, birth hormones, and the ever-incoming breastfeeding hormones are no joke.  I had pretty bad anxiety about my lack of sleep, which probably caused me to sleep less.  And I cried ALL the time.  I thought I would be Captain Crazy Pants forever.  My family, Phil’s family, and our roommates were a huge help.  They cooked and cleaned for me.  They encouraged me when I was having difficulties breastfeeding.  They were lifesavers.  What’s better than a lifesaver?  An incredibly patient and kind husband.  Phil encouraged me in the Lord and took over the mom-job so that I could take naps.  He even took me on a super romantic date soon after she was born.  We got to share a fabulous glass of white zinfandel.

Weeks 3 & 4:  Much better!  The hormones were starting to balance, so I was starting to mentally feel normal again.  I also went to a mom’s group during week 3 and met lots of other young moms and their babies.  Interaction with other adult humans in similar life stages was medicine for my soul.  I also had my 4 week check up with my OB.  Everything healed nicely.  My postpartum mountain that I thought was impossible to get over was finally shrinking!!

Weeks 5 & 6:  Returning to normalcy.  I felt physically and mentally normal now.  I even went for a run!  Lol I slowly jogged for like 30 seconds and almost puked.  Gotta start somewhere I guess.  Sugar Bear went from eating every 3 hours during the day to every 1-2 hours.  I thought it was a growth spurt.  Then it never ended.  And she used to nap so good in the early days.  Not sure what happened there either.

Week 7:  Lucky Number Seven.  I say lucky because I have finally figured this parenting thing out!  You ready for it?

Being able to improvise and adapt….with patience.  Seriously.  There is no formula to getting it right.  I’ve tried and failed so many times to put her on a schedule.  I thought I had the answer to so many new mom questions.. then another wrench is thrown into the equation.  So I give up trying to figure it out.  My strategy, for now, is to roll with the punches.  And newborns like to punch.


Oh yeah…I have always told myself that I would NEVER be a mom who dresses my kids in pink, frills, or big bows.  That changed too.